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The Church Where Hope Can be Found

We’re Matt, Colleen, and Aiden Dundon, missionaries from World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions to the Deaf in Philadelphia.

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Matt and Colleen Dundon

I (Matt) grew up in Philadelphia with a non-religious family. Since I was born deaf, my parents decided to put me into a Catholic school for the deaf inside the city for their quality education. However, God used this to instill in me a desire to know Him, and I tried to reach out to Him in my own way by following Catholic traditions. I then went to a public high school where I met a friend who shared the gospel with me. I did not accept it at first, but my interest was piqued after he shared with me some differences between Scripture and the teachings of the Catholic church. After doing my own research on those differences and learning about church history on my own, I became saved.

I (Colleen) grew up in a single-parent, nominally Catholic family. My grandmother was devout and often tried to share traditions with me, such as the rosary, but I always felt something was missing. When I was 11 my dad trusted Christ as his Saviour, and for 14 years prayed diligently for my salvation. It required a long time, and a hard road, but on February 14th 2006 I realized my great need for the Lord, and trusted Him as my Saviour.

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